T-Mobile – The Best Cellular Network For M2M/IoT Manufacturers In USA

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Posted (or last update) , by Denis Sokol

I have something to say about T-Mobile. From my own and my customers’ experience we think that T-Mobile is the most customer-oriented company of all the other players. I think this is because of John Legere and his active social life. I wouldn’t say that I worship T-Mobile, neither do all of my customers like them, but what I really like that they are not boring manufacturers with certification on their network. THAT makes them the best operator for M2M and IoT in USA. That’s just my opinion – from a manufacturer’s point of view. For me as manufacturer it means that FCC and PTCRB certifications - that are already quite costly - would be enough to start operate on T-Mobile Network. AT&T make it really difficult to get approval for their network, without which they won’t sell you a SIM card.

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Posted (or last update)

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