Limits of Warranty and Liability

These Warranty and Liability Terms (“terms“) are subject to change without notice. Current terms are available from The warranty terms below apply to customers who purchase products directly from iSocket Systems for personal use. Warranty terms for products purchased from dealers may be different. Contact the dealer who sold you the product for details. Our products are subjected to stringent final quality inspection. iSocket Systems guarantees that your device is free from material and production defects. iSocket Systems will not be liable for any direct or indirect material loss to the owner or other persons caused by use of this device. This warranty only covers production defects. The rights and benefits under this guarantee are additional to your statutory rights which are not affected by this guarantee. If your device produces any of the defects mentioned above within a period of 12 months after purchase (for some countries 2 or 3 years extended warranty is available – check our website), iSocket Systems offers, at its discretion, either a free-of-charge repair or exchange. The guarantee applies only for you as the original end customer. It does not apply to damage to fragile components such as the housing, damage caused by improper use, culpable damage, damage caused by breakage, heat, water or acts of God, damage caused by unauthorized tampering with the device or exposure to chemicals, damage caused by overloading in the house power network. The life cycle of the relays depends on how often it is turned on and off, but iSocket Systems guarantees its function at least during the warranty period. Any replacement hardware product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period, or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer or for any additional period that may be applicable in your jurisdiction (on condition that the device was purchased through an authorized channel). iSocket Systems does not guarantee the preservation of personal settings on the device after its repair. Repair or replacement may involve the use of functionally equivalent new or used parts. Replaced parts become the property of iSocket Systems. The warranty will be lost if safety instructions not complied with when using the device, and if the conditions of use were violated. iSocket Systems disclaims any responsibility for damage to health or property suffered because of using this device and failure to comply with safety instructions. Improper use, disassembling or product modification causes warranty loss. iSocket Systems does not guarantee that this product will provide uninterrupted operation of the controlled equipment; this device is not an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This product is not designed for safe disconnection of the controlled equipment from power network; the device is not equipped with a residual-current device (RCD). Correct function of the switching function all that is guaranteed. Alarm features in this device, as well as functions related to temperature control, are optional and cannot be considered as a substitute for professional systems. iSocket Systems assumes no liability for damage to property in connection with the operation of these functions. The ability to send different types of alerts depends on the mobile network and other factors. iSocket Systems provides the best technological solutions to perform these operations successfully, but iSocket Systems do not allow use of the device for purposes related to life support and assumes no liability for damage to property, loss of profit or any other loss in connection with the operation of device. The maximum liability is limited by the cost of device in a case of its failure. iSocket Systems provides protection against unauthorized access to the device but gives no guarantees regarding the impossibility of such access and is not responsible for the consequences of such lack of access. iSocket Systems reserves the right to modify the device and its software without further notice. Differences in the software not covered in these instructions are acceptable and not considered as defects and cannot be a matter for warranty service. Releasing new software, including new functions, is not an excuse for its replacement under warranty terms and can be done for an additional fee. iSocket Systems categorically prohibits the use of this device for unlawful purposes and is not responsible for illegal use of the device. Please make sure that mobile network is available in the area. Bad coverage is not a warranty matter. Please ensure that mobile phones are permitted in the area before operating the unit (eg, hospitals, petrol stations, etc.). If the use of a mobile phone is forbidden, do not use the device, as it can have negative influence on other electronic systems. iSocket Systems will not be responsible for changes in mobile operators' networks if they for example cancel a service, reduce performance, change network settings, or shut down a network, which is required for operation of the device. If the device stops operating due to any changes on mobile network, it may not be considered as warranty case. To get warranty service, you must provide proof of payment and this guarantee. The guarantee must be duly filled in and must specify the serial number of the device, if it does not contradict the legislation of the country where product was legitimately purchased.

Warranty terms for different countries

Germany - 2 years.

Other countries - 1 year.