Quality Control & Testing

We pay great attention to the quality of our products and quality service. We will never place unfinished or poorly tested product on the market. We will never offer poor quality service to a customer.

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How do we achieve highest quality in our products?

In the section Manufacturing you will see the way we work. This methodology gives us the ability to be flexible when changes are required quickly. We set clear objectives for our contractors and check that they are properly implemented. Many manufacturers now have a tendency to reduce costs by reducing product quality, due to aggressive price competition from cheaper countries. iSocket Systems eschews these tactics and intends to continue to produce quality products, despite the cost penalty.

What our suppliers say

Your quality demands are very high, our workers have never worked at this pace. But it is a pleasure to work with you, because we have learnt a lot.

You know how to make a quality product and for us it is a challenge because you have high expectations. We were worried that we could not meet your quality criteria. We are always concerned about this.

Why are we so strict on quality control? For your peace of mind!

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Testing of products

We test the product extensively in our lab before releasing it to the market. We think the way the end-user thinks, and this enables us to test the product in its entirety. Our products have, of course, all the necessary certificates. We provide extensive support documentation for each device. Our products have received positive feedback from our customers.

What our customers say

I have never met such a well-made product in the remote control and alarm industry. I have 17 years experience in the industry and can clearly see that you have a great future! I wish you all success with this project.

Hugh, United Kingdom

Other manufacturers could learn a lot from iSocket Systems as regards documentation. Everything is very detailed.

Jeremy, USA
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iSocket Systems consider quality to be essential.