We've invented a number of different gizmos for connected home and industry. Some never caught on - others did. We discovered our niche. Smart plugs went well. We’re kinda proud that we pioneered these. They help keep you in touch with your home.

iSockets® - they are cellular

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

The problems they solve

They’re not just another remote switch. They have features - features that other plugs don’t have. These gadgets fit into your smart home as a stand-alone solution to solve the main problem - to alert you, in good time, about problems in your home, regardless of what internet connections you have at home or on your mobile phone. It means they will alert you about fire, gas leakage, break-in, flooding, temperature changes, open doors, glass breakage, power failure and other events regardless of how far you are from home.

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What’s next?

Although there are several smart plugs on the market now, our iSockets remain unique. And since we invented them and introduced them to the world, we plan to be forerunners of the new generation of smart sockets. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know. Follow us on social media. We need your feedback. We want to hear from you!

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iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Alarmas y sensores iSocket

This is a family of wired sensors manufactured - under our supervision - to work with iSockets. We prepare them in our lab and they are designed for easy installation. Used together with the main iSocket units they offer a simple solution for security & safety monitoring at minimal cost, without any battery hassles.

iSocket Water Sensor in the packaging

iSocket can alert you in the following situations

What's next?

Wireless sensors for new Thread technology are already in the pipeline – subscribe to the newsletter and get the info hot from the press. Follow us on social media.

Relé inteligente iSocket

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Relé inteligente iSocket is a complete remote monitoring system for your home. If a simple solution from the Enchufes inteligentes iSocket family is not enough for you, take a look at Relé inteligente iSocket to build your Smart Home with iSocket.

Currently we do not actively promote these. Contact us for details if you’re interested.

What's next?

We build a Thread-enabled Home. Follow us on social media. We want your input.

iSocket M2M & DIY

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Do it Yourself - create your own Remote Control-, Temperature Monitoring- and/or Alarm System.

  • iSocket Smart Modem kits
  • Smart Alarm boards
  • Power supplies

  • Currently we do not actively promote these. Contact us for details if you’re interested.

What comes after that?

Internet of Things is the future. Thread will be at the heart of this. We build a Thread-enabled Home. Follow us on social media and give us your opinions.