iSocket 3G Escapes The Finnish Winter

iSocket 3G escapes the Finnish winter

We experienced really severe conditions in Finland in January this year - the temperature dropped below -30C (-22F) and we decided to freeze our new iSocket 3G to check how it behaves in the cold Finnish winter before we started to ship it to Canada, USA and other countries.

Let’s go!

Temperature sensors in the car shows -30C or -22F

WARNING! You are strictly prohibited from doing the same! For more arguments read what happened with iSocket 3G at the end of this article.  For a serious explanation – read “Why do some electronics work in cold weather and others don’t?

So, we put iSocket in the snow. It survived.

iSocket in the snow

We left it outside at -30C (-22F) with the temperature sensor connected for a couple of weeks. It was in the cold day and night. It survived and operated well.

iSocket in cold temperature outside with temperature sensor installed

iSocket in cold temperature outside with temperature sensor installed in the night

Once we loaded it to switch car engine heating remotely for a few days, again at -30C (-22F). It survived again!

Car heating connected to iSocket

Car heating plug

Note: THIS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! It is a violation of our terms of use – read this post.

But when we decided to drive a car over it…

iSocket is almost to die... :(

it objected, and left us!


If you find an iSocket wandering about looking sad and forlorn in your country - let us know!


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