Discover the iSocket 3G at CES 2016 - The Winner

Posted (or last update) , by Denis Sokol

We recently announced the news that iSocket Systems was declared the Winner of the Thread Group’s Innovation Program 2015 for our new project CECO HOME – a smart home that combines cellular and Thread technologies.

While we are not attending the greatest tech event in the USA – CES 2016 – in person, the Thread Group presented us - as the winners - with an area to show our product on their booth.

If you plan to attend CES 2016 in January 6-9 in Las Vegas I invite you to visit the booth of Thread Group where you can see a sample of our latest iSocket 3G Smart Plug.

The Thread Group representative will be glad to tell you more about the new Thread technology and explain how we - iSocket Systems - plan to use Thread in our smart plugs.

We would like to let you know that CES week will be the last week when you can pre-order iSocket 3G with a great discount. We anticipate to start shipping the US version of iSocket 3G by the end of January when certification will be finalized.

Thread Group Booth Location
Sands Expo, Halls A-C
(Smart Home Marketplace)
Booth #70560

Posted (or last update)
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