iSocket devices on the Iceland market

Dec 2, 2013

iSocket devices for smart home remote monitoring have arrived on the Iceland market.

The latest model from iSocket – the iSocket GSM 707 – offers two important new features:

iSocket® Temperature Notifier – This will alert the user if the room temperature falls or rises beyond critical levels. This smart feature of iSocket is easy to use. Just set up one or two thresholds and you will be informed when deviations occur (e.g. the temperature in a greenhouse falls- or the temperature in a warehouse rises above- acceptable values).

iSocket® Power Notifier – This feature will notify the user in the event of a power failure or when the power is restored. Just set up the mobile phone number to be notified. Once this number is configured you will receive a power off notification to that number.

With these additional features iSocket can now send the following alarms:
A break-in alarm
A fire alarm
A gas leak alarm
An alert that a thermostat is switched off
A Power off alarm
A Power restored alarm
An alert that the temperature has risen above a specified level
An alert that the temperature has fallen below a specified level

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