iSocket in every home!

Jul 16, 2013

Intellectronics, Finland  have announced  iSocket e-Store World for worldwide distribution of iSocket® - a family of new types of intelligent devices for home automation. Project was launched in 2011 and since then the it has grown rapidly. The key value of solution is reflected in the slogan: "Control your home, Save energy, Save money". Intellectronics believe that everyone wants, and in fact needs to have such a device in their home. Hence motto of the company "iSocket in every home".

The reason Intellectronics believe this is because everyone wants to control their homes remotely, everyone wants to save money and nowadays more and more people are conscious of the need to save energy. iSocket GSM Power Sockets achieves this in a new way.

A GSM power socket is a generation of a new type of device for gsm remote control and home automation. This GSM power socket technology is not yet popular and Intellectronics offer this technology and believe that can make it popular.

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