iSocket Environment Pro - new product

Nov 29, 2014

We are proud to present, as promised, our latest iSocket offering - iSocket Environment Pro. This is technology for the times! A new way to monitor your home or office, with the features you have been asking for:

New temperature monitoring. With a new precision external waterproof sensor you can now measure the temperature of almost any element: air, water, oil or solid surfaces in close proximity or remote from the unit. iSocket will notify you when the temperature rises above or falls below specified levels. Unique features of iSocket® Smart Software will allow you to create an advanced temperature monitoring system that no other product on the market provides.

New security and safety monitoring. You can now configure the relation between input and the main power socket. The new iSocket® Smart Software gives you plenty of options to design your monitoring system using our pre-wired sensors kits for home security alarm, fire alarm, gas leak alarm and water flood alarm systems.

And of course power monitoring. You will get an alert when the power fails or is restored to your cell phone. Advanced high quality Li-ion battery (unlike weak batteries or supercapacitors in other inferior products) ensure that you get a notification even if there is a break in the network. Unique updated iSocket® Smart Software will manage any problems in a smart way.

Check all features in the new User Manual.

The product iSocket GSM 706 has been discontinued. Current iSocket Smart Socket family now consists of the following products:

iSocket GSM 706 Light – a simple solution for just remote switching and reboot from European manufacturer;

iSocket GSM 707 Light – solution mainly for power outage monitoring, includes remote switching/reboot features;

iSocket GSM 707 – 6-in-1 solution with major feature of remote sound monitoring because of built-in microphone and second micro-relay to build complex monitoring system which can trigger external low-voltage equipment;

And new iSocket Environment Pro with features listed in this announcement.

iSocket Environment Pro is available from a new iSocket e-Store Global.

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