New Year - new names!

Dec 29, 2014

Our model range of iSocket Smart Sockets is going to be renamed to reflect the main features of each product.

iSocket GSM 706 Light will be called iSocket EcoSwitch, because the main feature of this product is remote switching for the purposes of saving energy and money. This can also perform a remote reboot.

iSocket GSM 707 Light will be called iSocket PowerWatch since this is a solution mainly for monitoring power outage. This checks the presence of electricity in your electrical network and sends an alert to your mobile phone when power fails. Remote switching and reboot options are also available.

iSocket GSM 707 will be called iSocket HomeGuard. This iSocket is a “6-in-1” solution with the major feature being remote sound monitoring using a built-in microphone and a second micro-relay to activate the monitoring system, which can trigger external low-voltage equipment, e.g. a siren. Thus, with this model you can build a guard system for your premises that can for example monitor motion and send an alert to your mobile phone when someone breaks into your home or office. You can then hear what is happening remotely due to the built-in microphone and using the micro relay you can also activate an external siren.

A second micro relay can also be used for any other purpose where you need to switch low-voltage equipment, up to 24VDC.

The built-in temperature sensor is an external option for this iSocket to check temperature in your premises where exact temperature measurements are not required. For advanced temperature measurements features please check the model iSocket Environment Pro that we have announced recently.

You will still come across old names in some documents, e.g. User Manuals or invoices for some period of time, but these will be updated over time.

All products are available to buy from iSocket e-Store Global.

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