iSocket Power Cut Monitoring Service Ready For A Big Load

Feb 16, 2017

Power Cut Monitor UK Demo


iSocket Systems UK announced today that their power cut monitoring service is ready to accept big customers for serious real time power monitoring projects.

In 2015 iSocket Systems announced their Cellular Connected Home (CECO HOME) ecosystem that was mainly designed for private customers to monitor power, temperature, break-in and other incidents in homes. As a part of this ecosystem the company also announced My Power Guru – a service for power failure monitoring for enterprises. After years of successful applications in domestic and small enterprise applications, iSocket Systems today claims that this power monitoring service is ready for even bigger challenges.

The idea of the service is very simple. The customer installs a simple smart plug in the location where power has to be monitored. Since the plug is cellular it can be any location where cellular coverage is available. The plug is connected to the server and provides real time power information, including alerts about outages and power restoration. The customer can see all locations in real time on a map. Alerts via email or SMS can be configured.

iSocket invented power cut monitoring technology in 2010 and for many years served as a traditional manufacturer and offered customers hardware only – such as smart plugs – for power cut alerts via simple text messages. The centralized power monitoring service was still a development project. iSocket Systems have now switched their priorities to being a service provider rather than just a manufacturer of equipment.

We have concentrated on a power cut monitoring service for the last 3 years, since our business customers began to tell us that they needed their devices to be manageable in a production fashion with central power outage monitoring,” says Denis Sokol, CEO of iSocket Systems. “Some of our customers have been using such indirect methods of outage detection as internet network failure or GPS signal loss, but these are workarounds rather than a solution. Our method of detection power failures is totally reliable.

iSocket Systems use proprietary technology and they don’t use any external services or ready-to-go platforms as with many startups nowadays. Denis Sokol continues: “We are not a startup anymore. We invented power outage monitoring a long time ago and we have now improved so that it can be used by customers with thousands of locations. We recently tested our updated service for a high load and I can assure you that it is ready to accept up to 100,000 locations for monitoring right now and it is scalable. In-house development gives us full control over the service for one main purpose: to alert our customers about power cuts promptly. This centralized control also provides our customers with an extra level of security and reliability.

iSocket Systems will provide access to a demo of their service upon request and is ready to conduct any pilot runs with customers.

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