IoT Multiplug

Jun 4, 2015

We introduced our first iSocket plug in 2011 - a simple GSM socket. Later in 2012 we announced 4 different product families for smart remote monitoring combined under the project “The World of iSocket”. These iSockets are managed by simple SMS commands and even though this traditional approach is still popular, it does not allow the storage of data for further analysis.

We have started designing the iSocket plug for the next generation. The new iSocket IoT Multiplug is planned to be an IoT (Internet of Things) mobile gateway for many IoT devices in smart homes of customers all over the world, collect information from sensors and store this information to cloud.

The major benefit of iSocket plugs is that they operate over the mobile network – as will the new plug. This approach allows iSocket to be a reserve IoT gateway for devices that only have a local wi-fi connection or collect information from sites where no Internet connection is available.

Read more about these plans in this press-release.

Compare the products that we are currently offering for remote monitoring via mobile network on this page.

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