New iSocket Smart GSM Power Sockets for the whole world!

Feb 6, 2012

Today is THE day! Intellectronics are launching 8 new products. Sales of our iSocket GSM Power Socket indicate that the market is intensely interested in products from Intellectronics. And now we are pleased to introduce new models of iSocket GSM sockets. iSocket GSM 706 replaces the "GSM 705" model. Not only is the design of the new model stylish, with Hi-end electronics, but the software also has additional features.

By now you will know that Intellectronics creates intelligent devices and intelligent software. And this new device is no exception! We have carefully considered each and every detail:

- The thermostat feature is much simpler to use.
- New software accepts more numbers for sensor triggering alerts - increased to 10 numbers.
- You can now update the configuration limit
- A new command "RUNTIME" will show how long the device has been switched on (from resumption of power or last reboot)
- The device will automatically set the date as soon as you start using it. You need not do anything!
- You can now check your prepaid-card`s balance with the new command "SALDO"
- More information is available from the User Guide.

The hardware improvements are:
- Smart iSocket GSM Power Socket can now switch 16A!
- Protection and safety are increased to 15A!
- The second relay (microrelay) now can switch up to 24VDC/2A
- Sensor`s input now can provide up to 300mA and is protected with a PTC 350mA resettable fuse. So you can connect more sensors to one input!
- The new model has 4 bands 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz and you can use it anywhere in the world!

More information about all technical parameters is available in the User Guide.

And that’s not all!

Together with the iSocket GSM 706 we introduce a new "Light" model. If you don`t need the  features temperature control, alarm function and so on), but only need the switching option then Smart GSM Power Socket model "iSocket GSM 706 Light" is the model for you. It has extremely competitively priced for a Hi-end Brand device - the recommended retail price is only 99€

Expect more new devices in 2012 and onwards. We will be releasing new smart devices for professional integrators and for M2M. Whether you are a distributor, dealer, retailer or a webshop, do business with us! We offer you full support, including marketing support, which you will not find anywhere else.

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