Free of charge remote reboot

Dec 4, 2015

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Did you know that your iSocket can perform free of charge remote switching on/off or reboot? For example, you can reboot a Wi-Fi router that hangs without be billed for this operation. Or you can turn on a pump remotely and also free.

Here is a setup:

1. Text MAKEMEBOSS to iSocket*


3. Text RINGCONFIRMTYPE=CALL (or RINGCONFIRM=CALL for iSocket Environment Pro)

Here you go! Now if you call to iSocket it will reboot connected appliance. iSocket will confirm operation by call-back to you. You can drop the call and it will cost you anything.

*NOTE! Command MAKEMEBOSS is not available for some previously manufactured products, but you can configure secure access for only allowed phone numbers following the recommendation from Chapter 5 of the User Manual. Like that:



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