3 new sensor sets

Apr 26, 2012

We have launched 3 brand-new sensor sets. iSocket Sensors Kit 2 & Kit 3 will send an alert if and when either smoke or high temperature is detected on the premises*. These can be used as a GSM fire alarm together with Smart GSM Socket iSocket GSM 706. iSocket Sensors Kit 4 is the solution to alert you about a gas leak in your premises.

*Which sensor should you use – "Smoke" or "Smoke & Heat"?

Both sensors can be used for fire alarm alerts. The "Smoke & Heat" detector gives more peace of mind, since it recognises not only smoke, but also a high temperature (>57 Celcius). However this sensor is not suitable to use in premises where the high temperature is normal. If you install the "Smoke & Heat" sensor in premises of this nature, it may send false alarms. For such conditions "Smoke" detector would be the best.

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