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Sending you a prompt and reliable notification about a problem in your home - this is what we do.

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New Apps for Your Smart Home With iSocket 3G

We have released the new iOS and Android apps that now support all our products including the new iSocket 3G. The new apps are available in more languages and support new iPhones and Android Tablets. Read more
iSocket Smart Plug apps for Android and iOS (iPhone)

We Are the IoT Heroes of 2016!

CECO HOME is now in the club of the worldwide best IoT/M2M solutions! After weeks of tough evaluation by the international expert jury of the IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015/16, iSocket Systems has been selected as one of the most innovative companies among almost 400 submissions from 58 countries. Read more
CECO HOME IoT Heroes 2016

The Temperature Falls Below Zero – First Time This Winter!

When the temperature falls below zero you will definitely get frozen pipes! But how will you know? Remotely. If you could only receive an alert about temperature drops... You could even prevent pipes freezing That's possible! Read more

iSocket 3G Appreciated Tester Program

If you are the owner of an iSocket from the previous generation, and if you are comfortable about speaking on camera, if you have a chance to test iSocket in different locations with different SIM cards and finally, if you appreciate iSocket and want to tell the world about it, we invite you to take part in our Appreciated Tester Program. Read more

iSocket 3G On The Way!

We will start shipping our new iSocket 3G from Feb 1, 2016 to USA and Canada. You have only two weeks to pre-order your iSocket 3G with a good discount. Read more

Discover the iSocket 3G at CES 2016 - The Winner

If you plan to attend CES 2016 in January 6-9 in Las Vegas we invite you to visit the booth of the Thread Group where you can see a sample of our latest iSocket 3G Smart Plug. Read more

iSocket Systems Wins To Create A New Market Of Cellular Connected Homes

I am delighted to inform you that iSocket Systems has been declared the Q3 Winner of the Thread Group’s competition for our Cellular Connected Home with Thread technology. Read more

T-Mobile – The Best Cellular Network For M2M/IoT Manufacturers In USA

T-Mobile – the best cellular network for M2M/IoT manufacturers in USA. Read more

Google's Thread IoT protocol comes to Germany via France, speaking English

The Thread conference was a part of the Internet of Things World Europe session. I represented iSocket Systems at the Thread Open House in Berlin October 5, 2015 and I’d like to share a few thoughts with you. Read more

Why Do You Need iSocket 3G?

Some mobile operators in different countries, e.g. T-Mobile and AT&T in USA, Telstra and Optus in Australia plan to shut down their GSM (2G) networks. Some carriers, e.g. Rogers in Canada, do not have GSM (2G) coverage in all areas of the country and use the roaming 3G networks of their partners. iSocket 3G is needed for these countries. Read more

Use Of SIM Cards - Specific For USA And Canada

When you buy a phone or any other device with a cellular connection (e.g. Kindle) in the USA you often do not need to buy an additional SIM card, because connectivity is already uploaded to a SIM card installed inside the device or to a chip in the device such as for Verizon phones. For these devices you usually pay a monthly service fee. These are sometimes called locked phones. Read more

T-Mobile and AT&T Customers With iSocket 3G

Our customers have tested iSocket using SIM cards from both AT&T and T-Mobile and the device works well with both these operators. However the activating process could be a challenge – please read below. Also, the tariff schedules of these operators might not satisfy all customers, especially if a customer does not have a contract with T-Mobile or AT&T. Read more

iSocket Is Suitable For Prepaid SIM Cards

Which is better? - prepaid or subscription (contract) service? You will find answer in this article. We have tested the device with prepaid cards of various operators in different countries. Some cards require activation by a call to customer support. You must disable any voicemail or call-forwarding services for your subscription or prepaid card... Read more

Verizon Phone And Truphone SIM For iSocket

One of my customers reported that she had a problem sending a message to her iSocket fitted with a Truphone SIM from her Verizon phone. I tried to investigate the problem with Truphone, but they were unable to help. The root of the problem is that Verizon sometimes... Read more